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Mia Phifer & Associates is a pioneering political strategy, management, and fundraising firm. A versatile and experienced Fundraiser, Campaign Manager, and General Consultant, Mia brings decades of experience to campaigns and organizations nationwide.
25+ Years of Experience
Commitment to affordability and accessibility
Commitment to affordability and accessibility

More about Mia

Mia’s dedication to the principles of democracy and progressive values is at the core of her work. She believes that every Progressive Democrat, regardless of their connections, income, race, or gender, deserves the opportunity to run for elected office and represent their community. Her passion lies in supporting progressive candidates and those from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they have the resources and expertise required to build viable campaigns and win at every level of office.

What sets Mia Phifer & Associates apart?

A commitment to affordability and accessibility and a holistic approach to the campaign. Mia understands that not all Democratic candidates have deep pockets or extensive networks, so she offers smaller price-point packages that still provide top-shelf support and expertise. This unique approach allows any Democrat to access the resources necessary for a successful campaign.

Mia’s approach to campaign management and fundraising is holistic and dedicated to results, focusing on comprehensive coaching for candidates throughout the campaign. Her in-depth coaching helps first-time candidates and struggling campaigns double their income quickly.

And Mia has a wealth of experience in delivering results:

  • Helping a first-time congressional candidate raise half a million dollars from donors in all 50 states
  • Supporting the historic election of the first woman Mayor of Charlotte NC
  • The victory of Alderman Brian Hopkins in a hotly contested race in Chicago’s newly drawn 2nd ward

Apart from her professional work, Mia is deeply committed to giving back to her community. She has a long-standing history of volunteer fundraising for various organizations such as Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees, Asian Human Services for Syrian Refugees, Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation, FlintKids.org, Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief, and relief efforts for Ukraine. Mia’s unwavering dedication to community service reflects her strong values and commitment to making a positive impact.

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