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Campaign Management & General Consulting

Over 25 years of experience managing and guiding campaigns.

Fundraising Consulting: Long and short-term

Whether you need a full time fundraiser, call-time management, or a one time training, we can meet your individual needs.

Email Content, Storytelling & Management

Let us help you tell your story — and get you from the ballot to elected office.

Social Media Content

From your emails to your fundraising communications to your social media — your message needs to be unified. Let us handle the work.

Candidate, Organization & Staff Training

With 25+ years of experience in every aspect of campaigns, we can organize and train your team from top to bottom.

Event Production & Management and More

Logistics should be the last thing on your mind, let us handle your events from invites, to food, to event set up.

What sets us apart

Embracing the Future of Campaigning: Evolving with the

Campaign management and fundraising have evolved
significantly in recent years, and Mia has adapted to these
changes. Embracing remote campaigning, virtual events, and
the use of technology-based strategies while also incorporating
proven fundamentals into her approach, such as voter contact
and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts makes all the difference.

Experience: Building Effective Campaigns from the
Ground Up

With extensive experience in fundraising, management, messaging, outreach, research, media, and communications, Mia ensures that every aspect of the campaign aligns with the overall goals and objectives. Mia’s approach understands that effective fundraising is integral to a well-run campaign and works diligently to ensure fundraising efforts are effective from
the start.

Strategy: Customized Approaches for Every Campaign

From the beginning, Mia’s strategy has been tailored to the unique circumstances, opportunities, and resources of each campaign and candidate. She knows how, where, and when to deploy resources to maximize impact, leveraging her expertise to ensure that every aspect of the campaign is aligned and optimized for success. Mia's ability to craft customized strategies sets her apart, allowing her to strategically adapt to the changing dynamics of modern campaigning.

Unique Approach: Holistic and Comprehensive

Whether hired as a General Consultant, Campaign Manager, or Fundraising Consultant, Mia approaches every opportunity in a comprehensive manner. She believes in ensuring the
campaign is equipped with the best practices, strategies, and management tools, enabling everyone from the candidate to the field team to perform their roles effectively and efficiently.
Hiring Mia means you get more value for your money. Our goal is to proactively address questions before they are asked, whenever possible. This is where our holistic approach can make a significant difference, allowing us to anticipate needs and provide comprehensive solutions.

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